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Quo vadis Graecia?

Where goest thou Greece? While the Greek economy is falling off the proverbial cliff, this question stays on the mind of world leaders, keeps Brussels bureaucrats awake at night, and intrudes on the daily lives of  4 million Greek households. … Continue reading

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A Great Depression for Greece?

Costas Azariadis looks at the most recent “vital signs” of the Greek economy and argues that austerity measures without investment or market reform will not succeed in balancing the government budget. He finds that private economic activity has already dropped … Continue reading

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To Euro or not to Euro?

In two interviews with Hurriyet Daily News (Oct. 11) and The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch (Nov.4), Costas Azariadis advocates a suspension of all interest payments on Greek debt and a return to the drachma as a stopgap measure that will buy … Continue reading

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