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Talk at the Economist conference: “Getting Greece back on track: how?”

In an invited talk at the 15th Economist Roundtable with the Government of Greece, Michael Haliassos and Dimitri Vayanos argued that the solution to the economic crisis in Greece lies in a series of deep reforms that will raise productivity. … Continue reading

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Reform and restructuring

In an article titled “Reform and Restructuring” and published in Kathimerini on 9 May 2011, Costas Meghir, Dimitri Vayanos and Nikos Vettas argue that while reforms are necessary and key to Greece’s economic recovery, they should be accompanied by forgiveness … Continue reading

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Firm-level agreements are the right solution

Labor agreements reached at the level of individual firms are feasible in Greece only if they improve the terms that country- and industry-level agreements offer to workers. The memorandum between Greece and EU/IMF requires changing this system towards one where … Continue reading

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Financial Times article: “Greek reforms can yet stave off default”

This article, written by Costas Meghir, Dimitri Vayanos and Nikos Vettas, argues that default can be avoided through an ambitious and feasible program of reforms. A more in-depth analysis of these reforms is in our article “The economic crisis in … Continue reading

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The economic crisis in Greece: a time of reform and opportunity

This article explains the causes of the Greek crisis, as well as the key reforms that are needed to get Greece out of the crisis and make it prosperous. Reforms are on two main fronts: those designed to improve the … Continue reading

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