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Towards a theory on the causes of the Greek depression and its implications for understanding the Eurozone crisis

Paul-Adrien Hyppolite Paul-Adrien Hyppolite ( is a graduate student in economics and a student-engineer of the Corps des Mines. His research focuses on international macroeconomics and finance. [email protected] @PaulAdrienHypp ( October 10, 2016 The following text serves as introduction to … Continue reading

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Is the Greek Crisis One of Supply or Demand?

Yannis M. Ioannides, Tufts University Christopher A. Pissarides, London School of Economics and University of Cyprus. The Greek crisis is more difficult than just fixing debt; Deeper reforms needed.  Greece’s low productivity and competitiveness will hamper growth. Even if Greece’s debt were eliminated … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough!

Marios Angeletos, MIT, published a post in Huffington Post Greece, in which he explains the reasons why Greeks should vote YES in the referendum on July 5. Read the post here (in Greek).

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Looking Beyond the Greek Crisis

Transcript of presentation delivered at the conference Growth and Employment in Europe Session. Panel I By Yannis M. Ioannides Megaron, Athens, May 12, 2014 Organized by Lucas Papademos Slides Introduction I want to start by comparing the evolution of Greek … Continue reading

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Reprisals Remembered: German-Greek Conflict and Car Sales during the Euro Crisis

by Vicky Fouka Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Department of Economics and Business, Barcelona, Spain. [email protected] and Hans-Joachim Voth CREI and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. [email protected] During the Greek debt crisis after 2010, the German government insisted on harsh austerity measures. This led to a … Continue reading

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Re-thinking my city

In a column published in Kathimerini, on August 13, 2013, Yannis Ioannides criticizes a proposed urban intervention that would convert Panepistimiou Street, a major thoroughfare in downtown Athens, into a pedestrian street. The Athens downtown has been hit hard by the … Continue reading

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Privatizations and Long Run Growth: Doing it Right?

Yannis Ioannides, in a presentation at McGill University, Montreal, on April 4, 2013, discussed the issue of privatizations in Greece, as part of the stabilization program and Greece’s agreements with the Troika. Massive privatizations were put on the agenda of … Continue reading

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Speech by Chris Pissarides on “Fiscal crisis and economic restructuring: lessons for the labour market”

In a talk in Athens on 5 October 2012, Chris Pissarides analyzed the causes of the global financial crisis, as well as of the crisis in Greece and Cyprus. A large part of his talk focused on the relationship between … Continue reading

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Letter from Boston, by Yannis Ioannides

In a Letter from Boston, Yannis Ioannides describes his impressions from a speech by Ollie Rehn, a European Commissioner and the Vice-President of the Commission, which took place at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University on 25 September … Continue reading

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Yannis Ioannides on Bloomberg Radio: “No rational economic debate surrounding the Greek elections”

In a Bloomberg interview, Yannis Ioannides argues that the Greek election outcome reflects the lack of serious, informed public debate on what is needed in order for the country to remain in the euro and fulfill her obligations under the … Continue reading

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