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Yannis Ioannides interviewed by Bloomberg, “Taking Stock with Pimm Fox,” Thursday February 9, 2012

In this interview,Yannis Ioannides expresses his opinion that the key issue for Greece is lack of competitiveness. Restoring competitiveness will take time because it requires deep reform of institutions and governmental decision making processes. This is only possible by means … Continue reading

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Greece, the Eurozone, and the Debt Crisis

The text of this lecture reviews the origins and nature of the Greek crisis. While the loss of competitiveness that the country has experienced ever since accession to the monetary union is a central force in its current condition, there … Continue reading

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Greek Economists for Reform comment on Greece’s political turmoil in the foreign media

Radio interview of Yannis Ioannides at Bloomberg Radio News on Friday 4/11/2011. The interview covers the issues pertaining to the Greek crisis while the debate on the vote of confidence was going on in the Hellenic Parliament. TV interview of … Continue reading

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In the Greek crisis, debt is the lesser problem

Yannis Ioannides in two lectures, one given to Tufts University Alumni in Athens, September 28, 2011 (in Greek) with the title “In the Greek Crisis, The Debt is the Lesser Problem,”  and the second as part of a conference organized … Continue reading

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The idols of young Greeks

In a column titled “The Idols of Young Greeks” and published in Kathimerini, December 31, 2010, Costas Azariadis and Yannis Ioannides express their disappointment that the extraordinary event that Christopher A. Pissarides, LSE, shared this year’s Nobel Prize in Economic … Continue reading

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Development is the only solution: seventeen proposals for a new development strategy

Is there a strategy that can free Greece from the grip of today’s unprecedented economic and social crisis and place her on a path of sustainable development and solid prosperity? The signers of this article believe that the answer is … Continue reading

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