Disastrous Policies in Greek Tertiary Education

In an article that was published in Kathimerini newspaper on Sunday 4 June 2017, Harris Dellas, Amedeo Odoni, and Dimitri Vayanos argue that the situation in Greek universities keeps getting worse, and that the main problem is not ever-diminishing resources but bad governance. The problems with governance are similar to those in other segments of the public sector, and result in mismanagement and waste, as well as in a lack of performance incentives. Bad governance persists because this benefits interest groups—some academics and rectors as well as student representatives of political parties.  These groups undermined Law 4009/2011 (Diamantopoulou Law) which brought about significant innovations such as the University Councils. Education Minister Mr.Gavroglu seeks to completely abolish Law 4009/2011 and bring back some of the worst features of the previous system. The problems with the Greek education system increase economic inequality and hinder long-term growth. Reforms in education should receive more attention in the design of the adjustment programmes.

The article (in Greek) is available here. It is also pasted in the Greek section of our blog.

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