Greece should issue new bonds before the European elections

In an article published in Kathimerini, on February 9, Prof. Nicholas Economides proposes that Greece issue new 5-year bonds immediately, that is, before the European elections. This would be the first time Greece would issue bonds since its crisis in 2009 and subsequent bankruptcy. Economides argues that the time is ripe for such an issue that will be well-accepted by financial markets at a 5-6% coupon. Economides notes a number of advantages of such an issue, including (1) solving short term liquidity problems; (2) allowing Greece to invest in new projects that would grow the economy and create jobs; (3) show to all that Greece has finally got out of the crisis, and attract foreign and domestic investment; and (4) end the dependence of Greece to the Brussels bureaucracy. Economides underlines the risk that moneys from the new bonds may not be invested but rather given as cash to pensioners, as was the realized primary surplus. He also warns that there is a need for temperance and a firm hand once the EU supervision ends so that Greece does not deteriorate to its old corrupt habits and go bankrupt again.

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