Greek Economists for Reform comment on Greece’s priorities for 2012

For its New Year’s edition, Kathimerini newspaper asked Greek Economists for Reform to propose specific actions that Greece should take in 2012 to improve its economy.

Costas Azariadis and Yannis Ioannides urged Greeks to become more involved in civic society, including in the formation of new political parties, and to exert pressure for radical changes, including constitutional amendments to fight corruption and to ensure greater influence and political participation by women. The article in English, titled “Jolting Expectations,” is here.

Nicholas Economides argued that Greece should make every effort to stay in the Euro, and its priorities should be to fight corruption and tax evasion.

Costas Meghir argued that emphasis should be given on growth-promoting reforms, and he proposed specific reforms in the justice system and in the labor market. A fuller version of Meghir’s article, in English, here.

Dimitri Vayanos argued that fighting tax evasion should be an important priority and can be achieved by transferring tax assessment and collection from the Local Tax Offices and the Ministry of Finance to a new independent authority, with emphasis on productivity-based incentives and independence from political pressures.

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  1. Ciikunii says:

    Dear Mr Papadopoulos,We acrpepiate your concerns and hope you will agree with us that substance matters more than labels. We think that the country is in immediate need of deep reforms. The important questions are what reforms, when and how. Costas Azariadis and Yannis Ioannides

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